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Uganda Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium (UBBC) is a coalition of different stakeholders ranging from policy makers, scientists, private sector leaders, civil society organisation leaders and government officers in their individual capacities as well as stakeholder agencies both public and private uni?ed for a common cause of advancing the role of biotechnology in improving livelihoods of the people in Uganda...

UBBC Objectives

  1. To promote of stakeholder understanding of and support for establishment of a biosafety regulatory framework and overall application of biotechnology for improvement of livelihoods
  2. To ensure timely and informed decision making for passage of the biosafety legislation;
  3. To provide linkages within the biotechnology research and development partners in Uganda for the safe and sustainable utilisation of biotechnology
  4. To perform any other activities and services that may be incidental to the achievement of the Consortium's aspirations

Goal of UBBC

The overall goal of the Consortium is to act as a unifed body of stakeholders to support the safe and sustainable utilisation of biotechnology for national development and socio-economic transformation.

 Our motto is "for safe and sustainable use of biotechnology"

If you would like to work with us call +256 771439639, +256756498126

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for more information regarding our events and conferences email us on info@ubbconsortium.org

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The Consortium is open to membership of both institutional and individual membership upon payment of both membership and subscription dues as prescribed by the Executive Committee.

Currently proposed Individual membership fee is UGX 50,000 and annual individual subscription of UGX 25,000 while institutional membership is UGX 200,000 and annual corporate subscription is UGX 100,000. Membership is only attained on successful application and admission by the Executive Committee, and upon payment of membership and annual subscription. We are currently welcoming new membership to the Consortium.

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